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“Marc Demetriou has written a superb success guide unlike any other. Based on fifteen universal principles, Lessons From My Grandfather will help you achieve the success you deserve in life and business.” 
— Barbara Corcoran, founder, The Corcoran Group, and investor on ABC’s Emmy Award-winning show, Shark Tank

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Lessons from My Grandfather

by Marc Demetriou

AMAZON HOT RELEASE! You are never too young or too old to make your dreams come true. Lessons From My Grandfather shows how you can achieve success and fulfillment in life by following 15 timeless principles handed down by the Marc C. Demetriou’s grandfather, Haralambos Georgiou Pistis,—or just “Charlie.”


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$24.99 Hardcover; 176 pages

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$9.99 e-book

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Ants, Elephants, and
Dancing Giraffes

by Sonny Brandtner

As we accumulate experiences the path of a value-driven life, everything becomes clear. This book shares wisdom the author discovered by being a father, spouse, and business guy. He learned that mistakes, regrets, and misfortunes dealt with early in life are blessings if used to strengthen focus on your values.



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$39.99 Hardcover; 288 pages

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“Ants, Elephants and Dancing Giraffes provides a compelling success roadmap that anyone can use!” — Bob George CPA, lecturer at the McCombs School of Business, the University of Texas at Austin


“Hounds of Wonder is a strong, tender account of a life spent loving dogs. There is no doubt B.D. Love has mastered the art of the sonnet - each set of fourteen lines builds a unique little world around its canine subject. This collection is one that will move even those who are not particularly dog-lovers.”—Elizabeth Gibson, Foxglove Journal, UK


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Hounds of Wonder

by B.D. Love

This book represents the dogs of my life, and the way they have

both reflected and inspired me. They have spoken to me, in their

way, about every level of sentient experience: love, loss, fantasy,

absurdity, joy and sorrow, and ultimately, redemption. Especially

redemption. During dark hours, it was often the companionship of

my hounds that was my sole light. –B.D. Love


$19.99 72 Paperback; pages; Color illustrations; Available at Amazon.com

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by Bartholomew John Erbach

with Photos by Sarah M. Clarehart

From the Author of "Gather Up Your Soul" comes a new volume of poems and photographs to touch your heart. SPACE is a collection of poems and photographs that dance magically in the space between lives, inside hearts, around mountains, and among stars. Bartholomew John Erbach implores us to take pause and open up to life’s beauty and mystery — to transmute frustration and fear into freedom and joy. This exquisitely illustrated book features the spectacular photography of Sarah M. Clarehart. The poems and photographs serve up a feast of spiritual food to those hungry for meaning, laughter, and tears.


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$29.95 Hardcover; 66 pages; Color throughout.

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“ SPACE is an invitation, a sacred opportunity, to be present with your soul. And if you’ve found this book, I’d guess that it’s exactly what your soul needs.” —Wokie Nwabueze, Founder, Women Prepared to Lead


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“Mark is one of the authors whose presence we highly anticipate,

and whose advice we value.” —Audra Lower, Host, The Better Show



by Mark Murphy


Even when you are close to home you can Travel Forward on an exciting journey of self-discovery and fulfillment, and this is your roadmap. Writing about everyone from Nelson Mandela, Paul McCartney, Condoleezza Rice and Jon Bon Jovi, to loved ones, friends, neighbors and memorable people he’s encountered on airplanes, in Cambodia and on the New York City subway, Mark Murphy has loaded this book with Travel Forward moments. As you journey through these pages you’ll learn to approach everything in life a little differently – in a way that will both enlighten and transform.


Learn more about Travel Forward at TravelForward.com


$19.99 Hardcover; 186 pages; Color throughout. Available at Amazon.com

$9.99 e-book. Available at Amazon.com



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5 Steps to
Reveal Any Crisis As Opportunity

by Carol Benson and Paul Benson

Millions of people around the world are struggling to maintain balance, happiness and strength in the face of unexpected challenges. Through five basic principles supported by the authors’ own compelling story and guided exercises, this book gives readers the tools necessary to rewire their emotional reaction to any challenging situation, recognizing and acting on the exciting opportunities that each “setback” presents. As a result, they not only will survive, but actually thrive in their lives going forward.

Learn more about 5 Steps to Thrive: Reveal Any Crisis As Opportunity at CarolandPaulBenson.com


$9.99 Kindle Edition available at Amazon.com

$19.99 Paperback Edition available at Amazon.com

"This book is a powerful and practical guide to help you THRIVE no matter what! Carol & Paul Benson are great examples of being happy for no reason. They’re an inspiration!”

Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of Happy For No Reason

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Gather Up Your Soul

by Bartholomew John Erbach

with Photos by Sarah M. Clarehart

Gather Up Your Soul is a collection of poems about breaking through the fear of being yourself to discover the beauty and joy waiting in every moment. At turns mystical and ordinary, the poems capture the essence of the quiet and stormy shifts that connect us to grace and love. Illustrated with beautiful and inspiring photos by Sarah M. Clarehart.


Learn more about Gather Up Your Soul at GatherUpYourSoul.com


$19.99; 978-0-9891054-0-8  (Hardcover-64 pages full color!) at Amazon.com

$9.99 Kindle Edition available at Amazon.com


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Wake Up, Man Up, Step Up

Transforming Your Wake-Up Call into Emotional Health and Happiness

by Ray Arata

The old model of what it means to be a man in today’s culture is outmoded. In Wake Up, Man Up, Step Up: Transforming Your Wake-Up Call into Emotional Health and Happiness, Ray Arata has created an insightful and practical roadmap to help men grow, evolve, and rewrite their future as emotionally healthy and mature individuals. Using the tools in this book, men are able to achieve the success they seek and be inspirational role models for the generations that follow.

$21.99; 978-0-9839432-6-6  (paperback) at Amazon.com

$9.99 Kindle Edition available at Amazon.com


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"Sparkle is a gift, not just to children, but to the child and spirit within each one of us."— Mirabai Devi, Spiritual Teacher


A timeless fairytale for children for all ages. Sparkle & The Gift is about a little girl who decides not to forget who she is, a radiant being of Light. Sparkle’s remarkable determination is contagious. She takes her mother, Alice, outdoors to align with the natural world and to remember that the Light is everyone’s friend. Alice is inspired to tell the story of “Kachina’s Gift”, which is a fairytale designed to remind us that everything we need is already within us.


$18.99; 978-0983943242 (hardcover) at Amazon.com

$3.99 Kindle Edition at Amazon.com


Learn more about Sparkle and the Gift by visiting SparkleandtheGift.com


by Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D.

illustrations by Belle Crow duCray

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